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Born in Rochester, NY
Grew up in both Buffalo & Rochester

I always think that writing a bio on yourself is very difficult. Having someone else write it just seems a whole lot more authentic, surprisingly.

Besides the point, my name is Bobby and I am the Owner of 8WDS. I have been interested in cameras since as long as I can remember. Their ability to capture a moment and tell a story has always intrigued me and that has been something I carry with me to this day. 

Other than owning this business I also work full time as a Career Firefighter and per diem as a Registered Nurse. 

During my free time I enjoy being outdoors. Hiking, boating, snowboarding, baseball, and so much more. If you need to find me you're better off looking around outside than at my house. I have a black lab that means the world to me named Paisley and she goes with me pretty much anywhere I go.

Bobby, Owner


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